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Manifest What’s Possible in 2022 What can I do today for myself and others that will make me happy?  How do I identify my soul’s work and manifest it at this time when the way we do things seems to have been turned upside down?  How do I learn to love myself, others and the entirety of humanity?  Join Dr. Linda Howe for this FREE one hour experience. Infuse your new year with inspiration. Find out what's possible for your through the Akashic Records including: • Tapping into your  infinite wisdom and goodness – using Akashic Light • Identifying your destiny, soul's purposes and obstacles • Clearing obstructions, finding freedom and manifesting your truth • Being supercharged with meaning, purpose and fulfillment In these times of dramatic change, your soul’s gifts are exactly what this world needs.  Free yourself from limiting patterns – and clear obstructions from your destiny to realize your full potential.
Normally, $30-35 per class, this bundle gives you access to five Akashic Experiences, one of which will no longer be available for registration after January. This offer will be good through the end of January. Register now, and have immediate and continued access to them. Welcome to this global community for your personal growth and empowerment. These five Akashic Experiences are mini classes for curious seekers about the Records and their potential for personal transformation. How to Read Your Own Akashic Records: Introductory Class Learn how to read the Akashic Records for yourself. The Records (aka The Book of Life) have served humanity throughout our unfolding by being an extraordinary state through which we can receive Soul-level illumination at a manageable rate, and integrate it into our everyday human experience. In this class, you’ll learn everything necessary to begin your practice of working in the Records, including the history, nature, organization of the Records, appropriate uses of this spiritual resource, guidelines for your success as well as exercises introducing you to this realm. Discover how to mine the Akashic Records for your personal growth and transformation. 
 Akashic Perspective on Transformation: Clearing Karma Stuck Karma is a significant challenge for people the world over. The Akashic perspective on karma, freedom and your Soul’s journey as human sheds liberating light on the unlimited possibilities for you. All available with insight into some simple shifts in your point of view, resulting in immense freedom to self express and enjoy your wonderful journey. You deserve to be free and gratified in this life. Clearing Unwanted Ancestral Patterns Our relationship with our family of origin is designed to accelerate our spiritual growth and understanding. Learn the valid reasons you selected this particular group for your transformation, the contribution they make to you, and how you can be permanently free from stubborn ways of behaving with shared family members. Find freedom from the limitations and embrace the possibilities inherent in every family group! Past Lives Making peace with who we have been in other times and places is one of the most wonderful opportunities held for us in our Records. Discover the valid reasons you made choices still affecting you to this day! Discover the path of freedom from unbudgeable behaviors and ignite your appreciation for who you have been in the past, are today and are becoming. Prosperity, Abundance and Money: Akashic Approach to Your Success Ignite your ability to manifest – to bring your Soul’s Purposes to life based on inspired choices and actions. Discover simple conditions enabling you to flourish in this lifetime. Learn the secrets to supercharge your manifesting. Identify promising environments supporting your inevitable success.
Manifesting more love & light in the world requires we do this together. Meeting with a group of like-minded individuals working through the book with you is a powerful way to accelerate your own spiritual growth. “How to Read the Akashic Records” is Dr. Linda Howe’s first book and the foundation of the work of the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies, the leading global organization on Akashic Records. This is the pioneering volume that launched a movement when first published in 2009. • Using the Reading Group Guide in the back of the book, we will explore questions that are designed to support you on your journey. • To have the best experience read the book and do your own personal self-exploration using the questions. • Sharing your journey and listening as others share their journey expands your awareness and understanding of the work. During our first session, we will cover the following questions: 1. How did you find the Akashic Records? 2. How do you read the Records? 2. What events and occurrences have driven you forward in this life? 3. Is there a dominant question for you in this lifetime? Is there one major idea you are striving to reconcile? During our second session we will cover the following questions: 1. How have you experienced the presence of energy in your life? 2. Are you comfortable with the idea of an energetic being without a specific personality? 3. Do you have a current relationship with such a being? If so, what role does it play in your life? During our third session, we will cover the following questions: 1. How do you define healing? 2. Do you believe spiritual healing is real? 3. Have you ever had a spontaneous healing experience? During our fourth session, we will cover the following questions: 1. Do you connect with the idea of past lives? If so, what is your understanding of reincarnation? 2. Are there people that you have a gut response to, whether positive or negative, for no sensible reason? 3. What's next for you in your spiritual journey?