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We all have barriers that we would like to blast away. Why is it that some of us succeed and most don't? What do those "lucky" winners have that YOU don't? It's simple! No matter whether it is a new career or a healthier, slimmer body, a new love life or freedom from addictions and habits, a better handle on adult ADHD or a new freedom from the effects of past trauma, all successful transformations rely on one special ingredient - that coaching can't give you and therapy doesn't want to. Come explore the Secret Ingredient and discover how to use it to blast through the barriers keeping you from your heart's desire in 2016!
Is the quality of your life suffering due to the stress in your life? Are you living your life from your highest potential, or simply trying to make it through each day? Most of us live in states of chronic stress today and this is having a negative impact on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, decreasing the quality of our lives. Join holistic teacher Evita Ochel to understand how to deal with stress in effective ways that get to the root of the issue, and empower you with effective tools and habits for lifelong benefits. Learn how to spot the signs of chronic stress and how to take a more mindful approach to dealing with it in your life. Topics covered will include physical, emotional and psychological changes you can implement, including 20 tips for the most lasting and effective ways to deal with stress mindfully.
Understand the top three issues that prevent horses and riders from working cooperatively together. This informational session is intended for horse owners / riders who are experiencing challenges with their horse that are not due to a diagnosed medical condition or injury. It will also be helpful for anyone who works with horses and wants to expand their knowledge and improve their interaction with them. This is not riding instruction, natural horsemanship, or horse training.
This class is for animal lovers who have little or no experience with energy based healing concepts. It provides a general overview of traditional Reiki and how it can be of assistance particularly to animals. Reiki is a traditional Japanese method for natural relaxation and stress reduction that also stimulates the body's own healing properties. This is an introductory talk and is not actual Reiki Training. I am offering an live class in Bloomfield Hills Michigan on January 30-31, 2016 that you may enroll for. Details are on my website.
Ditch those pesky New Year's resolutions which are usually broken before the end of January. Try a new, creative approach by learning how to set intentions that can serve you for life. Peggy Sealfon teaches clear steps for establishing your personal intentions which allow you to flourish more effortlessly and productively for years.
This class will discuss who spirit guides are (in general) and how they can assist you. Many try to connect with their guides, but may be connecting to their own mind and false beliefs thereby following misguided advice. I will offer steps in connecting with your authentic guides and how to feel the difference between false guides, real guides, and your own mind.
Join us for this free class as part of January's Symposium! Learn how 2016's Universal Energy, The Hermit, is going to assist you to move forward with your life's goals in 2016! Using Tarot Numerology, we will discuss 2016's Year Card, how the Universal Energy of the Hermit will impact you on a world, community and personal level as well as how to utilize that energy to help you reach your own goals. Cindy will also teach you how to figure out the Universal Year Card for future and past years. The Tarot Numerology Year Cycle is an invaluable tool to assist you in aligning your energy with the Universe and in letting you know where to put your focus from year to year. This class is also a great introduction for Cindy's class on January 12th, called Tarot Numerology where we will explore how to determine your own Personal Year Card, Personality Card and Soul Card in an expanded one-hour session! All those who attend this free class will get a 20% discount on the one hour Tarot Numerology Class!
Myndee Joan Garrett
Recorded: Jan 05, 2016 at 06:30 pm EST
In this class you will discover four keys for unblocking your Sacred Light within, enabling you to create your best year ever! You are a powerful creator. With these four modalities, you can unearth your shimmering radiance so that your Sacred Light will be the Leader of your Life! I hope you will join me on this path of self discovery!
Welcome to the year that will wake up your intuition so you can step out as the Lighworker you were born to be. If there's something stirring inside of you, reminding you that your life is so much bigger than you've experienced so far, you're tuning into the call of your soul. Good news! Your life is about to change for the better. The energies of 2016 offer an unprecedented opportunity for psychic insights and inspired guidance. If you are prepared for these Universal energies, you're life will expand in miraculous ways. In this entertaining and enlightening event, you'll learn how to navigate the spiritual energies of 2016 so you can have divine timing for success and happiness.
Damian Rocks from Stars Like You Astrology will give a practical overview of the year ahead, focusing on your Ascendant or Rising Sign. We will explore how Saturn may influence your chart, and important planetary alignments for the year ahead. Even if you do not know your Rising Sign you will discover something valuable here
In this class we will cover detoxification (of the body) and include info on other ways you can detox your life and help you manifest what you want in 2016...
A series of 3 meditations to assist you through the holiday season to keep your focus and gratitude in place. The first meditation is Be the Observer, gearing up for the holiday season brings up issues around many subjects. This meditation is designed to allow yourself to be in the position of the observer in your own mind, allowing your thoughts to pass through your mind without judging them. The second meditation is Keep Your Focus. The closer the holidays get the harder it can be to allow the running around and planning to get to your inner peace and gratitude. Take a moment to re-align. The third meditation is, Stress Relief. The holidays are upon us. Use this moment for yourself and release the stress of the holidays. Enjoy your family time and go into this busy time re-charged and in alignment with your inner peace and gratitude.
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