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Carol Quinn
Spirituality > Healing
Recorded: Nov 16, 2020 at 09:00 pm EST
Come take a journey with us through your natal (birth) chart and learn astrology as you uncover your soul's path for you in this lifetime. Through a series of selected topics and basic astrological principles, we will help you connect "the stars" in your chart in a way that allows for a deeper understanding of self, as well as a clearer view of how to use your chart in a way that allows you to work with the timing and unfolding of your purpose. We will also discover and be shown how to follow the thread of joy that ties it all together. Spirit will join use for additional insights and messages during each class. A new natal Chart will be provided for your use.
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The cycle of the Moon is a tide of energy for all life on Earth. Each New Moon is a unique fresh start, flavored by the Zodiacal sign and the other planets’ place in the sky. Learn the energy of this Scorpio New Moon and how it will influence all Sun signs. Time permitting, we will look at individual charts to see the exact placement of the Moon. Come prepared with your time, day, and location of your birth if you would like to share your chart.
Sexuality is a powerful tool for manifestation, power and life change. In this introductory class Dr Pam will introduce you to sacred sexuality, conscious loving, and Tantra. Sex-- the word alone can bring up a lot in a woman. It is loaded with information from media, past trauma, bad relationships and love gone by. And in contrast, Sex is one of the most amazing creators of all times. It brings babies into the world, bonds couples for years, makes millions of dollars and has power to change our world. In this health talk you will have the opportunity to explore the idea of sacred sexuality. And be guided to heal and enhance your relationship to sexuality in partnership. Dr Pam will talk about some very HOT topics in a very safe and sacred language formed by her experience with Yoga, Tantra, and OM. Dr Pam has been coaching love, relationships, sexuality and female empowerment for over 10 years and has a lot of information that can help you expand your perspective of sexuality. Dr Pam will answer the following 1. What is sacred sexuality? 2. What does it mean to healing the female body? 3. How can you participate in this form of healing with or with out a partner? 4. What is conscious love? 5. How can sexuality help you to manifest your dreams and shape your desires? In the course of an hour Dr Pam will guide you to connect, breathe and be in touch with the vital energy of your own feminine body and she will help you fall in love with the idea of reshaping your relationship to all three transformers love, sex and money.
Join Dr Pam for an overview on her Online Video Academy for empowering the female mind, body and spirit with wisdom. Pam's Female Empowerment School will give you the tools you need to empower your positive growth as a woman and she will help you awaken to the opportunity for healing your life with empowerment tools. The Female Empowerment School A Community for Evolving the Spirit of Women. In the school you will become part of a global network of women practicing inner mind-body empowerment techniques which means a network of love and support as well as a way to connect. All video lessons will be self directed and empowered-- meaning the exercise will ask you to pull forth your feminine strength and wisdom to evolve your spirit. In the community you will be able to face issues that may be holding you back and break through to female empowerment Each Exercise and Life Practice will keep you focused on Evolving the Female Spirit to include the topics of-- female body wisdom body evolution life purpose inner passion art of pleasure Yoga Breath Movement Journaling Wisdom Emotional Healing Self Love and Self Care Join me for this amazing opportunity to empower your life!
Join Motivational Speaker Dr Pam for an amazing journey into the heart center of female power. In this class Pam will discuss the concepts of female healing wisdom and teach you how to activate your inner healing knowledge. Heart to Heart, Pam will introduce her spiritual mission to guide women in igniting the female spirit. In this classroom she will introduce where women are today and present her "empowerment plan" for evolving the female body, mind and emotions. This will be a journey to empowerment where you will be able to jump in and swim with the current and begin to flow with the ease that accompanies female strength and wisdom.
Join Motivational Speaker and Author Pam Denton to explore the power of Break-Through Coaching. In this classroom you will have a self discovery opportunity to find out where you are blocked and stuck in your life. We will look into the topics of Love, Business and Health. And Pam will help you start to develop tools for shifting out of the stuck and into the flow of life-- using a clear mind, an open heart and inner power to change. Pam will present coaching concepts that will help you understand and locate your "stuck" and with 7 simple steps to break through coaching she will help you begin to sort through your chaotic life and find the path to ease and peace of mind. Coaching is a place for you to look at your life, evaluate your circumstances and make shifts according to inner wisdom. You will have the chance in this classroom to experience why people hire coaches. And what happens in private coaching session with Dr Pam. As the world goes through enormous change in the age of technology Coaching is a field and opportunity that can help you shift and grow into a new and amazing person. Understanding your break throughs can help move you along your evolutionary path. Please come with a journal and be prepared to workshop your life!
Dedicate your self to a practice and deeper participation with love through 8 love meditations. Each meditation will take you deeper into a loving consciousness. Through a regular practice of cleansing breath, guided visualization, mental clarity and love meditation you will find a connection to the authentic power of your heart. Each week will have a new topic for love that will bring you closer to your heart. These meditations will open you to doing the heart work necessary to live from magic and the law of attraction. Join me for 8 meditations of love. And gain deeper understanding for why you are here on earth and how to attract abundance.
The Turned on Life is a program designed to guide you to live from passion, pleasure and purpose. In this presentation Dr Pam will be presenting her "break-through" curriculum for living a powerful life of abundance and love. We all have the choice to turn on our life and live at a new level of purposeful abundance. And implementing practices of pleasure, sensation, feeling and love you can learn to go the next level in business, relationships, health and money. Your turned on life can bring abundance and joy into your life from simple daily practices of self love. In this class Dr Pam will help you carve out a new path of living that helps you make the most of every moment and live in harmony. Your new turned on life will begin as you learn how to breathe, visualize and move into a new exciting world of pleasure. Come to class prepared to open and expand into pleasure!
Financially Fit and Free is a class that promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit in your life through abundance mentality. In order to live in true financial freedom it is important to achieve three things: 1. create an abundance mentality 2. have a healthy weight and fit body 3. live in freedom of authentic work and life purpose. Financially Fit and Free is a chance for you to look at your life and make some changes around body, money, job and leadership. I will be asking you to look deep into your life and free yourself from unnecessary patterns that keep you stuck, dull and life-less. This is a program that helps enhance life force and vitality. Financially Fit and Free will put you on the path to true inner and outer wealth.
A class for supporting you opening to love. A way to connect with yourself in new and intimate ways. Dr Pam will speak to you about the power of your sexuality and loving your feminine flow. We will explore these topics in a yogic way as a means to heal your body and your life. Based on the power of feminine flow and manifestation, we will go on a journey of intimate breath, meditation and visualizations to enhance your ultimate connection to self love and feminine expression.
Creativity. Its what makes all of existence exist. Cells are being created constantly. Art is being created constantly. We forget sometimes that we are meant to be creative! Feng shui my way can really revive and shine up your creative life! This 60 minute class will present some broad and "little heard" concepts about creativity as well as exercises to try & feng shui to implement to re-boot your creativity!
Join Dr Pam Denton for a conversation on relationships and the power to transform lives through conscious loving connection. This class is for any relationship that needs mending and healing: self healing, professional, parenting, or marriage. Pam will teach you that her same formula of Mind-Heart-Core can be used no matter what you are dealing with in relationship. The goal of all relationships is to get out of the clash of mind and emotions and settle into peace and calm into the heart so that you can connect and see things clearly. This is an amazing presentation that will advance your life and help you mend the relationships that are in need of healing.
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