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This class discusses the basics of channeling , and channeling do's and don'ts for getting in touch with spiritual guidance and healing energy. It includes exercises to try (I'll guide you through them), and an explanation of losing connection with your own spiritual guidance, and how to get it back, and grow into a more trusting relationship with your intuition. There will be discussion but we will also practice channeling and mediumship development techniques.
Using and understanding meditation and the power of sound as medicine, we will bring the body into the parasympathetic state, recapitulate on a cellular level, balance the nervous system, the hemispheres of the brain, so that we can heal and release old patterns, thereby raising your frequency rejuvenating your entire system. An overview of how Sound Healing works, using the Universal Law of Vibration, and the Principle of Resonance will be given, and you will gain knowledge of how to use the Bij Mantras (root tones) for each chakra. Through bringing awareness to your intention, focused breath and the use of these mantras, you can transform your life! We all have the power within us all to heal any parts of ourselves that are not in resonance with our highest good.
In this experiential session, I will... 1) introduce the yogic concept of 'sankalpa', or heart-centered intention, 2) guide participants through my signature 'Word Resonance' meditation to identify your sankalpa for the new year, 3) explain how to create powerful affirmations around your 'sankalpa' and work with it daily to achieve your dreams
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An interactive webinar series with practical tools and tips focused on personal growth, purpose development, the Akashic Records, neuroscience, quantum science, self and DNA healing. You will be able to: - Connect to your true self (soul blueprint) and purpose - Identify and address challenged aspects of you preventing you from living the life of your dreams - Live your happiest life and in relation to others: career, business, relationships, financial etc. Join us as we have fun and balance all 4 aspects of us: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual!
Christina Gikas
Spirituality > Healing
Recorded: Nov 11, 2020 at 08:00 pm EDT
Imagine if you could have an abundance of one thing in your life, what would that be? Health, of course! Health is the most important asset of all. When we are healthy, pain-free, fear-free and stress-free we can enjoy life to its fullest without drugs or costly, time consuming and possibly painful therapies. Join me to learn how powerful quantum healing, a scientifically proven modality based on the mind, body, brain connection. I will also facilitate a 30-minute hypnosis exercise to show you how easily you can ensure that every cell, nerve, gland, neurotransmitter and system of the body is doing its job precisely, efficiently and effortlessly, creating and maintaining optimum health.
This is a free meditation class. Every session is different. These sessions will be ongoing during the required self-isolation period. New or well-seasoned meditators will find an informative session with plenty of time to grasp new skills or stabilize an ongoing practice of meditation. Please join!
Jamie Butler
Spirituality > Other
Recorded: May 08, 2020 at 01:30 pm EDT
Learn all about this great reference tool directly from Jamie Butler, medium, and the creator of the Love and Light chakra chart! Jamie will go over how to use the chart as a guide to the energy body, endocrine system, essential oils, stones, and more! Live participants will have an opportunity to ask questions through the chat thread. All virtual classes are recorded so no need to be disappointed if you missed class! You can purchase the recording at any time. After purchasing you can watch the class as many times as you need! The class will contain a code for $9.95 off the purchase of the chart! For more information and to purchase the Love and Light Chakra Reference Chart please visit https://jamiebutlermedium.com/product/love-and-light-chakra-reference-chart/ This chart is 50% off until the end of April 2020 with code: HappyChakra at checkout.
This 2-class pack is free and is offered as an introduction into learning Qigong. What is Qigong? It is an ancient Chinese practice that is easy to learn and practice. Some of the benefits of Qigong include reducing stress and anxiety, boosting the immune system, decreasing pain and lowering blood pressure. The practice involves slow movements with long, slow breaths. The breath techniques help to improve lung capacity over time and can reverse respiratory concerns. If you cannot make the live sessions the recorded classes will be available for viewing later.
Facial Relief, Anti-Aging, Immunity Building with Acupressure - Part 3. of Acupressure Techniques Class Series. Learn how to give yourself Facial Relief with these important easy to use release points! Learn these techniques and they will help you relieve daily stress and tension that unknowingly gathers in your facial area. You can melt away built up stress to look and feel Younger, Happier, Healthier!! Join this New Series of Self-Empowering Techniques to De-stress anytime, anywhere you need a time out for Self-Care. Your Happiness, Anti-aging, Immunity building is turned on and active when you use these fun easy to use techniques, I will show you in this class! See you there!! People respond to Change with individual patterns... learn more in this easy to follow and learn class by Michael J Kaminski DD Metaphysician at Spirit Quest Academy. These Self-Care Techniques enable you to actively build your Immunity, Strength, Self-Confidence! Join me for this enlightening class. Part 3 in this series on Acupressure Points Techniques Class Series by: Michael J Kaminski DD Metaphysician [email protected]
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Michael Egan
Integrative Health > Qigong
Recorded: Mar 31, 2020 at 01:50 pm EDT
The Ba Duan Jin or "8 brocades" is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine exercise known as qi gong (pronounced chee gong). Qi gong is often translated as "energy or breath cultivation". This particular form of qi gong is believed to date back to the Song Dynasty (960-1127) and is often referred to as "health qi gong". * The movements of the form can promote relaxation and awareness of the mental, emotional and physical tension we carry from day to day. This awareness allows us to work more mindfully and skillfully with whatever is arising. By promoting respiration, circulation, relaxation and mindfulness we can cultivate health. The moves in this form are relatively simple to learn and can be modified for any individual based one's ability or needs. If you need to use a chair for balance or for sitting, it is absolutely appropriate. Feel free to take a break at any time. Never push past what is comfortable for you at any given time. If you are noticing pain or discomfort or intense sensation, discontinue practice and talk to your instructor. * This form is not intended to cure or treat disease or as a substitute for medical attention. Please consult with your physician prior to starting any form of mind-body exercise to determine if it is appropriate for you.
10X YOUR MANIFESTATION by harnessing the power of mantra, vibration and simple tools to amplify and accelerate what your heart desires! Come and MANIFEST with Ahana Lara and Sharon carne in this webinar and explore what is possible for you! It is time for each of us to step into our soul work in ways that will move not only yourself, but all of humanity forward. Together, we explore: the Manifestaion process; how to welcome more Synchronicity; the power of Mantra; a Gratitide practice honed for success.
The 1111 Stargate Portal flows Cosmic Energies for us to level up. In this presentation I will create a Crystal Grid for us to Meditate on and listen to what Energies come thru for us to grow with on our personal journey in life. Recommend you watch the previous presentation for the '111' Gateway !!
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