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Cost: $55 USD
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End Date
Sun Jan 2 at 11:04 am EST
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Meets For
6 Session(s)
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Subject Area
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About This Class
Normally, $30-35 per class, this bundle gives you access to five Akashic Experiences, one of which will no longer be available for registration after January. This offer will be good through the end of January. Register now, and have immediate and continued access to them. Welcome to this global community for your personal growth and empowerment.

These five Akashic Experiences are mini classes for curious seekers about the Records and their potential for personal transformation.

How to Read Your Own Akashic Records: Introductory Class
Learn how to read the Akashic Records for ...See All
Additional Information
These classes will be available to you immediately upon registration for a minimum of one year.

A wonderful complement to this work is Dr. Linda Howe's acclaimed first book “How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey” (2009, Sounds True). You can find it available on Audible, in print and on Kindle through Amazon –

These are Introductory Classes, NOT Certification Classes. If you are interested in becoming Certified to read the Records not only for yourself but for others the Dual-Certification Class is ...See All