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Beth is an energy medicine practitioner, intuitive, bodyworker, Soul Realignment practitioner, artist, psychosynthesist, RN, HeartMath practitioner, 20+ years meditator, yogini, and nature lover.

She assists others in their self care, providing support and means to recenter, recharge, find inner stillness, greater clarity, soul nourishment, and feel more assured, healthy, and connected to their unique soul essence and gifts. Her mission is to help bring to the world a greater sense of center, calm, clarity, inner peace, authenticity, heart, and wholeness.

For over 20 years, Beth has assisted others through her creativity and sessions. ...See All


Certified Psychosynthesis Life Guide/coach
HeartMath® Certified Practitioner
Registered Nurse
Angel Therapy Practitioner
Licensed Massage Therapist
Lifelong Yogini
Qigong Student

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Mon Dec 26 2022 at 05:21 pm EDT
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As a three time cancer survivor, psychotherapist, author, workshop/retreat leader, yoga instructor & Reiki Master, Pasha brings her unique personal and professional experience in supporting and guiding people through life challenges. In 2003, after moving from Ireland to New Mexico, Pasha founded Creative RecoveryTM, a series of workshops that activates the creative process, empowering participants to live passionately, transforming their greatest challenges into their greatest triumphs. The program is designed for people who have reached a point of crisis and are seeking support. It is for everyone who wants to live life in search of what really matters to them. Pasha works with treatment facilities specializing in trauma, addiction, grief and loss and also brings her expertise to helping people move beyond a cancer diagnosis. She has produced a yoga DVD and two meditations CDs as part of the “Intimate With Change Yoga & Meditation Series”, and her forthcoming book, ”Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery” is due out in 2012. Through her workshops, speaking engagements and private practice, Pasha’s mission is to empower individuals to live passionately and transform life challenges into profound learning and healing experiences. For more information please visit www.pashahogan.com.
Santa Fe, USA
PR consultant passionate about leveraging the power of social media for good.
Silver Spring, MD, USA
yorba linda, USA
Espanola, USA
Born in 1950 in Sydney Australia, I've travelled extensively around the world, living in many different cities & countries. For the last 13 years or so I have been healing people and their homes of negative energy, negative entities and lost souls (ghosts). I am passionate about this work as I know aht it can feel like to live & work in negative energy, and I feel this is my purpose. I would also love to teach, but am not confident at the moment. Still doing lots of work on myself!
Sydney, AUS
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