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Join Acupressure Master Trainer Lori-Ann MacLeod CHHP R.S.T. in this journey through Do-In (self-acupressure), accessing some of the most powerful points in the body for relaxation and rejuvenation. This one hour session will focus on teaching you how to rebalance the 5 Elements and tonify the body systems to cope with stress, revitalize your energy, and boost your immune system. Participants will be led through a full Do-In treatment that can be applied easily and often to help you End 2020 with a Healthy: Body & Mind.
Mudras are "Finger and Hand Power Points." They are Yoga positions for your hands that can be done sitting in a chair, lying down, standing, or at any place or time. These easy techniques recharge your personal Energy, eliminate fatigue and burnout and contribute to your Well-Being. They can increase the Love and Abundance in your life. Improving your Mental Clarity and Intuition is more of the attributes of this type of Yoga Practice. You will learn how to use simple Mudras to promote your Spiritual and Soul's development. We will practice Meditation techniques and Healing Energies from a seated position. Please wear comfortable clothing.
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Dixie Joffrion
Recorded: Nov 17, 2020 at 07:30 pm EST
Yin yoga is a slow, relaxing experience that allows your mind and body to let go of your day. All levels will enjoy this quiet escape.
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Mercedes is a Certified Yoga Instructor & Intuitive Guide with a gift for bringing people together in celebration through yoga practices, aura attunements, Reiki healings, forgiveness ceremonies, and rituals for transforming Grief into Secondary Art. Mercedes is fluent in both English and Spanish and available for one-on-one sessions and group classes in either language. Mercedes attended yoga school after many years of practice to bring her passion for healing to others. She completed yoga training in the jungles of Costa Rica at Pavones Yoga Center. Fresh from yoga school, she traveled to Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua where she taught yoga. language, and wellness in local communities and resorts.
It is Jennifer's great joy to be of service leading the Ananda Thousand Oaks center. She is a Minister, a certified Ananda Meditation Instructor, a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and a Kriyaban. Jennifer enjoys sharing the teachings of Self-realization, leading classes for Ananda, meditations, satsangs, and more. She has been married for thirty-three years and is mom to two adult children. She offers a loving heart to anyone seeking support in their spiritual journey.
Dixie is from the Spring, TX area and teaches yoga and hoop dance all over Houston. A bright and free spirit at heart, Dixie loves to create and share her passions with others. Dixie offers private sessions, virtual classes, event entertainment for people of all ages, New Moon and Full Moon Circles, and workshops on Getting to Know the Real You. Be sure you check out her on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok @movementwithdixie!
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