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Cindy's Spirit Guides will start the evening by sharing insight and wisdom to help us to be the best spiritual beings we can be while living this physical life. Since this is channeled, Cindy is never quite sure what we will be discussing, yet it is always relevant to the audience. Then, picked by lottery, up to 10 people (picked from both the LearnitLive and Good Vibes audience) will get be able to ask Cindy's guides one question about their life or can ask to have their energy evaluated and given recommendations to bring their energetic system into balance. $20 per person
This 2 hour Psychic Development class will boost your confidence in your psychic ability! Don't feel like you have any? This class will show that everyone has psychic ability! Discover what your psychic strength is: Clairaudience (clear hearing,) Clairvoyance (clear hearing) or Clairsentience (clear knowing.) We will do experiential exercises (yes, you can do them while attending on line) and meditations to increase your psychic awareness. Learn different ways to access your psychic ability! Cindy will guide you through a discovery of your intuitive self! Learning through experiential exercises, lecture & discussion, you will start to exercise and develop your intuitive muscle like a body builder! We all have intuition and this class will open your mind�¢ï¿½ï¿½s eye to the depth of knowledge that you carry within! This class will be offered Live at Good Vibes Wellness at the same time. You can ask questions during the talk and we will do the meditations and exercises together! Cindy asks that before the class starts you write down 5-10 questions each on a different piece of paper. Also, mid class we will take about a 5-10 minute break for those attending this class live at Good Vibes Wellness.
How often have you awoken from a dream that stays with you for days? Or do you struggle to remember your dreams? Dreams have offered us insights into our lives, our hopes and yes, our fears from the beginning of time. Join Cindy as she introduced Dream Interpretation step by step, starting with how to remember your dreams, how to record them and then how to interpret them using a number of different techniques including some common dream themes. Do you have a class you want Cindy to teach? Send her a message on LearnitLive or email her at [email protected] with your class ideas!
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Cindy Griffith is an internationally renowned Psychic, Teacher, and Author, with a diverse background in Metaphysics, Meditation, Spiritual Development and Spiritual Business Counseling. She and her husband David Bennett have recently moved from the Finger Lake region of New York to Virginia Beach. Cindy expresses her passions of teaching, writing and psychic counseling via clients and students in the USA and abroad. Recently she is teaching Spiritual and Psychic Development and offering channeled sessions in Tokyo, Japan. Holding both a Masters in Consciousness Development and a Bachelor of Science in Spiritual Counseling and Healing from SUNY Empire State. Cindy's a graduate of a three-year Metaphysical Teacher Training Program as well as taking her bodhisattva vows after three days of teaching from the Dalai Lama. Cindy graduated from Openway, a four-year energy healing school and is Reiki certified. Author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives and two Meditation CDs: Soul Soothers and Soul Expansion, Cindy also co-authored Voyage of Purpose with her husband, David and now Grow your Spiritual Business, with Lisa K. PhD. She blogs for Huffington Post, Om Times, the Door Opener, her own WordPress blog and writes for spiritual magazines.
Beth Lynch, Intuitive Consultant, Medium and Founder of Inner Light Teaching, offers more than mediumship in her gatherings. She shares the power of understanding the relationship between the Spirit (relationship with God) and Self (personality). As a child, Lynch's sensitivity to thoughts and feelings confused and at times terrified her. Fast forward 30 years of curiosity, faith and healing it is now her passion and purpose - to help others understand intuition, healing, thoughts and the power of love. The death of both parents in a short period of time made her face the depths of loss and the process of healing grief. In the learning and healing process, the understanding of death also became clear. The truth transformed sensitivity into strength. In turn her intuitive gifts and abilities were clearly about helping her but also to help others. Living a life committed to meditation, higher awareness and personal healing her sensitivity to the Spiritual realm became natural and helping others was inevitable. She feels blessed to help others connect to those crossed as well as intuitively guide them to a place of higher understanding in their own journey. She has been practicing meditation and alternative methods to healing and higher awareness for 28 years and knows first hand the importance of balancing a spiritual practice, motherhood and career. She has founded the Inner Light Awareness and Practitioner Program and is passionate about teaching meditation to all ages. She volunteers in her communities to teach and share meditation and wisdom. Beth truly feels life experiences will be our greatest opportunity to learn and our greatest teacher. Embracing all roles in life as a mother, woman and intuitive she feels is a blessing and hopes to help others recognize the privilege of life. The understanding that we are energy, we are One, is important to hold in our minds and hearts for survival in our world today. She embraces all roles as woman, mother, author and teacher, and knows the energy to balance comes from the commitment to the relationship one has with the Divine.
Jenn Royster is an internationally known Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, and Energy Healer. Well known for her innovative style in intuitive readings with angels, energy healing, spiritual crisis support, soul retrieval and meditation. A visionary that has always seen energy healing as a major component in healthcare. Jenn's connection with angels and energy healing began as a young child. She considers herself a lifetime student of spirituality, and enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge through teaching to help others discover their true selves, connect and trust their own intuition, and live fuller happier lives. Jenn hosts The Jenn Royster Show, a popular international radio show since 2010, syndicated throughout 135 countries to millions of listeners. Her education includes a Doctor of Divinity, Ordained Spiritual Minister, M.S in Metaphysics, and Reiki Master. Jenn's clients span across the world and she inspires others as an inspirational writer, speaker and teacher sharing her knowledge and discoveries in life through articles, channeled angel messages, radio, teaching and private sessions. Her classes include: Intuitive Development, Soul Retrieval, Raising Intuitive Children, Energy Healing, Life of an Empath, Connecting with Angels and Spirit Guides, Soul Diving Through Energy Blocks, Manifesting Your Dreams, Creative Meditation and Intuitive Painting.
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