The Mindset to Diabetes - When did you lose the sweetness in life?

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Mon Jun 6 at 01:30 pm EDT
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This presentation will shed light on how our mind/mental state/mindset can drive us to eating what causes us to develop diabetes (or lack of motivation to be active), how our mind affects everything in our body from pain, to metabolism, to weight gain/loss, and diseases like diabetes.
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    Mon Jun 6 at 01:30 pm EDT
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The mindset to Diabetes – when did you lose the sweetness in life?
30 Minute Session
Mon Jun 6 at 01:00 pm EDT
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James R. Elliot Board Certified Transformation Coach James helps people who: - Have settled (life, career, health, relationships [or lack of ]) and are miserable - Want to hear themselves speaking to people with confidence - Are frustrated with seeing themselves "stuck" for no reason - Are just doing things other people want them to do- and not living their own life - Have all / most of the check marks in life and are still not happy - Want to have better health James helps people to: -Feel very confident in everything they do -Hear themselves say "I am truly happy" -See themselves living their real purpose in life - and know who they really are -Find themselves with the right partner James is passionate about connecting people with their incredible selves, to believe in their true worth and to live out their lives with confidence, health and vitality. Through his path to success, the founder James R. Elliot used to be clinically obese, lacked confidence and self-esteem, was rejected by the opposite sex, not taken seriously in business, had difficulty in sales, was unmotivated and depressed, was and suffering from digestive issues and chronic pain. Now, through his own transformation, he is healthy, happy, confident, energetic and motivated! James helps his clients transform into who they want to be. If James can do it, you can do it! Let him show you how it can be easy and fast! James has been interviewed on CTV News, Rogers News, the TV Show Insight, and has spoken for many events, including business events, corporate lunch and learns, private organizations, and large networking conferences. Watch for his upcoming book! James is a board certified practitioner!: ABNLP, ABNLPC, ABH, ABTLT, NNCP
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