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Sugar is in everything and has become one of the hardest things to avoid when we are trying to create a healthier lifestyle. Join Katie Bressack to discover how you can avoid sugars but still enjoy the sweet things in life without adding artificial sugars and other harmful things to your diet. Katie will also be sharing why our body craves sugar, how we can understand our cravings, how to change our taste buds and the best foods to satisfy any sugar cravings.
Dr. Rajan will discuss how Information Technology could represent a key tool in enabling people with Type 2 diabetes to effectively manage their condition. In this session, you will learn about various aspects of diabetes management and the available technology solutions.
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Jennifer Bryant
Diabetes > Diet and Nutrition
Recorded: Jun 08, 2016 at 09:00 pm EST
In this session you will learn the components for a healthy, nutritionally balanced meal to help you control your blood sugars. You will learn how to include a consistent amount of carbohydrates, adequate protein, and healthy fats. You will also see examples of what a Diabalanced Meal looks like. The session will end with some practical ways to apply the information.
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Discover the truth about eating carbohydrates as part of your diabetic diet.
Life Coach Peggy Sealfon shares mindfulness strategies to activate dormant natural healing capabilities that can reduce the impact of diabetes. Learn how to enter an integrated state of being--a balance of mind and body--in which health and well-being are dramatically improved. Mindfulness training has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve cognitive function and impact better management of diabetes, especially for impulse awareness when it comes to diet. These skills can also be effective in mitigating stress, anxiety and depression which often accompany--and increase--diabetic symptoms. Learn how through training and practice, you can be empowered to overcome adversity and discover the secrets to reducing the physical and mental effects of diabetes.
Stable blood sugar. It's the goal if you have type 2 diabetes or you're looking to prevent it. In my 20 years of nutrition experience, I've learned how to take the complicated science of nutrition and make it very simple. In this 30 minute class I'll be sharing how to eat to have stable blood sugar. There's no need to count grams of this or micrograms of that. I'll share a simple way to balance your meals and snacks to keep you off the blood sugar rollercoaster. There's also no need to give up your favourite foods - I'll teach you how you can still enjoy them, without sending your blood sugar skyrocketing. The long history of diabetes in my family is what inspired me to become a dietitian. If you have type 2 diabetes or diabetes runs in your family too, you will want to eat this way. It's how I eat.
Ramona Beville
Diabetes > Mindfulness and..
Recorded: Jun 08, 2016 at 07:00 pm EST
Do you feel challenged when trying to keep your blood sugar balanced? Cravings on top of cravings, feeling deprived and restricted and always trying to do the right thing is really difficult. I understand, I have been there, but I have found solutions. Let me share them with you. If you are feeling uncomfortable and out of control, I get it and I am here to help you. It does not have to be difficult to reach your desired health outcomes and you don't have to feel alone. I will share my journey and how I finally got off the blood sugar roller coaster. It's not about perfectionism, this pursuit of health, and following all the 'rules' but about changing your mindset. We expect ourselves to be perfect and it's just not realistic. I will share with you how being easier on yourself and adding the right ingredients into your life is the path to ease and grace and finding your balance. I know you might feel like you've tried everything. Are you ready for a new perspective? What if you believed you had control of your destiny and it didn't have to be difficult? Things do become easier just by believing something different about yourself. We are the results of our thoughts, actions and attitudes, and it all starts with your beliefs. You will learn tools to believe in yourself and to uncover beliefs that do not serve you. Are you ready to start believing and applying the actions that create the life and great health you deserve? Here is what you will learn when you join my 'stop sabotaging behaviors' live call: 1 Cravings, their cause and how to control them. 2 Use the power of your brain to balance blood sugar. 3 How I went from unhealthy and unhappy to healthy and happy and how you can too.
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Vegan food is becoming wildly popular because of research showing its benefits in helping to prevent and reverse serious diseases, like diabetes. But how do you take the theoretical nutrition advice, and the thousands of recipes available, and plan out a nutritionally-balanced and complete day of food? And how do you create a vegan meal plan that doesn't have too much carbohydrate content that can spike your blood sugar? Let's go through the basics of vegan meal planning, plus talk about how to make protein-rich meals with low glycemic load. You can make a huge difference in your health, and I can show you how to make it effortless, fun, and delicious.
In this class learn a variety of lifestyle behaviors to help manage diabetes. Certified diabetes educator Janet Howard-Ducsay will present and answer any questions during this interactive live session.
Are you struggling with managing your diabetes? Are you looking for a little extra help with choosing the right foods to manage blood sugar and reach or maintain a healthy weight? Meal planning is a great tool to build a more nutritious diet. Most quick and convenient foods lack the balance that our bodies need. Planning meals in advance will provide you with better options when hunger strikes, and will help you avoid missing meals or snacks. In this class, you will learn simple ways to plan meals in advance, as well as know how to build better meals and snacks for blood sugar management.
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After healing from 10 years of chronic illness, Amie Valpone healed herself and will share how she detoxed her body from sugar and processed foods. She will teach you How to Eat Clean and Create Flavor in a Sugar-Free Lifestyle.
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Eating with diabetes sounds so confusing: "Do I eat no carbs or low carbs? ...reduced-sugar or sugar free? Or is it better to just skip meals...even eat nothing!" Join me and discover how this complicated subject can be made very simple, with several tips from simple ways to count carbs, plus ideas to make meals easier to plan, prepare and enjoy!
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