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Looking in the wrong place can cause you to make unnecessary or harmful diet changes, give up foods you don't need to, and waste money on special supplements and products. How do you know what information you can trust, whether online, from friends, or in the news? Join me to learn how to determine whether a source is credible, and get many ideas for where to turn for accurate nutrition information.
The participants will be exposed to Nutrition Fact Labels, the exchange food system, and the plate method. By learning about carbohydrate counting, participants will be able to control carbohydrate intake during their meals.
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Are you "a diabetic"? Do you walk around every day wearing this unenviable badge? Well, there is more to this disease than you think and you have much more control than you think. In 1980, the global diabetic population was less than 50 million, now it is close to 300 million. In my brief webinar, you will learn these 5 things: 1. What is causing the increase in Diabetes 2. Why did you become diabetic 3. What can you do to cure your diabetes 4. Why does your blood sugar spike in the morning 5. What is there besides diet and exercise
In this class I will list and explain the best superfoods that will help manage diabetes and blood sugar as well as explain the many other health benefits of these foods. I will also be discussing the importance of regular exercise in helping to prevent and manage diabetes and what kind of exercises get the best results.
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Participants will improve diabetes self-management by reading and interpreting food labels. This class will help you solve the mystery of the food label when it comes to planning healthy meals for diabetes. Participants will be able to answer these questions at the end of the 30 minute talk How can I tell how much sugar and/or carbohydrate are in a product? What is a serving size? How does this food fit into my diabetes exchange meal plan or carbohydrate counting plan? How much sodium should I be eating? Are all fats bad? And more.....
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Jennifer Bryant
Diabetes > Diet and Nutrition
Recorded: Jun 08, 2016 at 09:00 pm EST
In this session you will learn the components for a healthy, nutritionally balanced meal to help you control your blood sugars. You will learn how to include a consistent amount of carbohydrates, adequate protein, and healthy fats. You will also see examples of what a Diabalanced Meal looks like. The session will end with some practical ways to apply the information.
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After healing from 10 years of chronic illness, Amie Valpone healed herself and will share how she detoxed her body from sugar and processed foods. She will teach you How to Eat Clean and Create Flavor in a Sugar-Free Lifestyle.
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In this 30min session learn how diet impacts the course of many chronic conditions including diabetes.
Eating with diabetes sounds so confusing: "Do I eat no carbs or low carbs? ...reduced-sugar or sugar free? Or is it better to just skip meals...even eat nothing!" Join me and discover how this complicated subject can be made very simple, with several tips from simple ways to count carbs, plus ideas to make meals easier to plan, prepare and enjoy!
In this presentation, Ashleigh will discuss the key causes of obesity and diabetes, along with simple and effective training and nutrition strategies you can implement immediately.
Susan Watson, RD Registered Dietitian & meal planning expert Susan used to cook on the fly and never meal plan ...until she had a family, and a busy private practice. After figuring out how to customize meal planning to her lifestyle, she now grocery shops 2x a month, and only cooks 3-days week! Susan is an expert in how to eat healthy while saving time and money! Topics: Learn how to organize your kitchen in a way that will prevent food cravings and encourage you to eat more nutritious foods. Learn how to stock up your kitchen with ingredients that will make healthy meals and snacks simple to prepare. Learn how to use meal prep to eat better without spending a whole day cooking food in advance. See real life examples of what Susan does every day in the kitchen to stay on track! Get a free copy of her "Cook-Ahead" meal planning guide Get a chance to ask questions during our live Q&A session.
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Are you struggling with managing your diabetes? Are you looking for a little extra help with choosing the right foods to manage blood sugar and reach or maintain a healthy weight? Meal planning is a great tool to build a more nutritious diet. Most quick and convenient foods lack the balance that our bodies need. Planning meals in advance will provide you with better options when hunger strikes, and will help you avoid missing meals or snacks. In this class, you will learn simple ways to plan meals in advance, as well as know how to build better meals and snacks for blood sugar management.
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