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What if you could energize your life through simple changes in how you eat? I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and I want to teach you the secrets of making healthy food that tastes amazing! Because there's no reason healthy food has to taste like cardboard.

I show some of my recipes and advice every week on YouTube, where subscribers join me to find new ways to make healthy vegan food taste fantastic. I go more in depth in my live classes to show you the secrets behind how and why I create dishes and meals that are ...See All

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Vegan food is becoming wildly popular because of research showing its benefits in helping to prevent and reverse serious diseases, like diabetes. But how do you take the theoretical nutrition advice, and the thousands of recipes available, and plan out a nutritionally-balanced and complete day of food? And how do you create a vegan meal plan that doesn't have too much carbohydrate content that can spike your blood sugar? Let's go through the basics of vegan meal planning, plus talk about how to make protein-rich meals with low glycemic load. You can make a huge difference in your health, and I can show you how to make it effortless, fun, and delicious.