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Living with diabetes can be very frustrating at times. Low and high blood sugars can get in the way of everything from taking a test at school to having sex. Understanding what the underlying causes of these frustrations are, can help reduce or possibly even prevent Diabetes Burnout. While the actual events you're frustrated about are part of the equation, how we think about our diabetes plays a much larger role. During this seminar, we are going to go over the causes and symptoms of Diabetes Burnout. We are going to look at contributing factors of diabetes burnout: Perception of diabetes, Value placed on Diabetes Self-Management, Perspective on Blood Glucose. Self-Care behaviors that can be used to reduce burnout will be discussed as well. There will be a short question and answer period as well. I look forward to helping you reduce diabetes burnout. See you there!
Ramona Beville
Diabetes > Mindfulness and..
Recorded: Jun 08, 2016 at 07:00 pm EST
Do you feel challenged when trying to keep your blood sugar balanced? Cravings on top of cravings, feeling deprived and restricted and always trying to do the right thing is really difficult. I understand, I have been there, but I have found solutions. Let me share them with you. If you are feeling uncomfortable and out of control, I get it and I am here to help you. It does not have to be difficult to reach your desired health outcomes and you don't have to feel alone. I will share my journey and how I finally got off the blood sugar roller coaster. It's not about perfectionism, this pursuit of health, and following all the 'rules' but about changing your mindset. We expect ourselves to be perfect and it's just not realistic. I will share with you how being easier on yourself and adding the right ingredients into your life is the path to ease and grace and finding your balance. I know you might feel like you've tried everything. Are you ready for a new perspective? What if you believed you had control of your destiny and it didn't have to be difficult? Things do become easier just by believing something different about yourself. We are the results of our thoughts, actions and attitudes, and it all starts with your beliefs. You will learn tools to believe in yourself and to uncover beliefs that do not serve you. Are you ready to start believing and applying the actions that create the life and great health you deserve? Here is what you will learn when you join my 'stop sabotaging behaviors' live call: 1 Cravings, their cause and how to control them. 2 Use the power of your brain to balance blood sugar. 3 How I went from unhealthy and unhappy to healthy and happy and how you can too.
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In this class learn a variety of lifestyle behaviors to help manage diabetes. Certified diabetes educator Janet Howard-Ducsay will present and answer any questions during this interactive live session.
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Eliot LeBow is a Diabetes-Focused Psychotherapist, who has lived with Type 1 Diabetes since 1977. Giving him great insight from both sides of the couch. Eliot's practice in New York City called DiabeticTalks is more than just a private psychotherapy practice. DiabeticTalks includes an online platform that provides emotional self-help to over 50,000 followers with diabetes and growing. Eliot has presented on the importance of mental health at multiple diabetes conferences including the Joslin Diabetes Center, AADE12, AADE13, AADE15 and much more. He has contributed as an expert on cognition and diabetes for several articles in print and online. Presently he is the author of the blog "DiabeticMinds", and is a columnist for endocrine today magazine and continues to speak at various events. Diabetes-Focused Psychotherapy takes a holistic approach combining traditional talk therapy with diabetes education and diabetes management help. It addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of living life with diabetes while still addressing other non-diabetes related life problems to create a unique holistic approach to help people with diabetes thrive. For many people with diabetes, blood sugar takes a silent toll on cognition, memory, retention, and recall. It can diminish learning, raise stress levels, and spur additional maladies such as depression. It impacts all aspects of life, lifestyle and turns your life upside down. For the people close to them, it has an impact as well: they often must learn to cope with feelings of guilt, anger, being helpless, and worried about this complex health issues. My private practice helps clients of all ages and their families manage life with diabetes.
Julie Holliday (The ME/CFS Self-Help Guru) is a writer and holistic life coach with a mission to help people with chronic illness take back control and live a relaxed, balanced more fulfilling life. She completely recovered from ME/CFS after five years and enjoyed 7 years of active, vibrant health. Although she's been stricken with the condition again, she now considers herself to be living a dream life, and wants to share all that she has learned to help others with chronic illness live one too!
James R. Elliot Board Certified Transformation Coach James helps people who: - Have settled (life, career, health, relationships [or lack of ]) and are miserable - Want to hear themselves speaking to people with confidence - Are frustrated with seeing themselves "stuck" for no reason - Are just doing things other people want them to do- and not living their own life - Have all / most of the check marks in life and are still not happy - Want to have better health James helps people to: -Feel very confident in everything they do -Hear themselves say "I am truly happy" -See themselves living their real purpose in life - and know who they really are -Find themselves with the right partner James is passionate about connecting people with their incredible selves, to believe in their true worth and to live out their lives with confidence, health and vitality. Through his path to success, the founder James R. Elliot used to be clinically obese, lacked confidence and self-esteem, was rejected by the opposite sex, not taken seriously in business, had difficulty in sales, was unmotivated and depressed, was and suffering from digestive issues and chronic pain. Now, through his own transformation, he is healthy, happy, confident, energetic and motivated! James helps his clients transform into who they want to be. If James can do it, you can do it! Let him show you how it can be easy and fast! James has been interviewed on CTV News, Rogers News, the TV Show Insight, and has spoken for many events, including business events, corporate lunch and learns, private organizations, and large networking conferences. Watch for his upcoming book! James is a board certified practitioner!: ABNLP, ABNLPC, ABH, ABTLT, NNCP