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The first step in supporting your hormones is regulating your blood sugar levels at every meal and snack. Join Katie Bressack and make her power bowl recipe which is full of healthy fats, proteins and, fiber that will keep your body feeling satisfied and satiated, plus it's super delicious and easy to make.
Join me in a guided Healing Light Energy Meditation to raise the frequency, charge the DNA and send energy to any condition in need of healing. Feeling and channeling energy through the body in connection to the higher sources of healing through the Spiritual Consciousness
Emotional Eating happens when we look to food for comfort when we are stressed or upset. Oftentimes overeating is a response to emotions such as sadness or loneliness. Lots of us do it. The problem is that it leads to weight gain and poor health, which leads to more stress, which leads to more emotional eating. It's a vicious cycle. If losing weight were simply a matter of willpower, it would be a lot easier to do it. To lose weight and keep it off, most of us need to develop different ways of dealing with the gnarly emotions that triggering overeating. From my best selling Emotional Eating eBook will explore the 6 steps that helps make change possible.
A class for moving your breath to create a cardiovascular response. It is your breath that can awaken your body with oxygen and energy. All fitness begins with breathing. With breath you can sustain and endure through longer sequences and build more strength and power. Your breath is the tool to create a successful workout in Yoga and Fitness. Join me for a fun and inspiring class.
Join Motivational Speaker and Author Pam Denton to explore the power of Break-Through Coaching. In this classroom you will have a self discovery opportunity to find out where you are blocked and stuck in your life. We will look into the topics of Love, Business and Health. And Pam will help you start to develop tools for shifting out of the stuck and into the flow of life-- using a clear mind, an open heart and inner power to change. Pam will present coaching concepts that will help you understand and locate your "stuck" and with 7 simple steps to break through coaching she will help you begin to sort through your chaotic life and find the path to ease and peace of mind. Coaching is a place for you to look at your life, evaluate your circumstances and make shifts according to inner wisdom. You will have the chance in this classroom to experience why people hire coaches. And what happens in private coaching session with Dr Pam. As the world goes through enormous change in the age of technology Coaching is a field and opportunity that can help you shift and grow into a new and amazing person. Understanding your break throughs can help move you along your evolutionary path. Please come with a journal and be prepared to workshop your life!
Have you ever wondered why most diets fail? Join Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Diane Randall and learn how to identify safe ways to drop pounds, feel satisfied without deprivation, gimmicks or expensive processed foods or supplements . Learn why diets don’t work and how you can achieve your ideal weight. Unlock your body’s potential for weight loss naturally and get off the dieting rollercoaster once and for all!
The Turned on Life is a program designed to guide you to live from passion, pleasure and purpose. In this presentation Dr Pam will be presenting her "break-through" curriculum for living a powerful life of abundance and love. We all have the choice to turn on our life and live at a new level of purposeful abundance. And implementing practices of pleasure, sensation, feeling and love you can learn to go the next level in business, relationships, health and money. Your turned on life can bring abundance and joy into your life from simple daily practices of self love. In this class Dr Pam will help you carve out a new path of living that helps you make the most of every moment and live in harmony. Your new turned on life will begin as you learn how to breathe, visualize and move into a new exciting world of pleasure. Come to class prepared to open and expand into pleasure!
Financially Fit and Free is a class that promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit in your life through abundance mentality. In order to live in true financial freedom it is important to achieve three things: 1. create an abundance mentality 2. have a healthy weight and fit body 3. live in freedom of authentic work and life purpose. Financially Fit and Free is a chance for you to look at your life and make some changes around body, money, job and leadership. I will be asking you to look deep into your life and free yourself from unnecessary patterns that keep you stuck, dull and life-less. This is a program that helps enhance life force and vitality. Financially Fit and Free will put you on the path to true inner and outer wealth.
Creativity. Its what makes all of existence exist. Cells are being created constantly. Art is being created constantly. We forget sometimes that we are meant to be creative! Feng shui my way can really revive and shine up your creative life! This 60 minute class will present some broad and "little heard" concepts about creativity as well as exercises to try & feng shui to implement to re-boot your creativity!
Dr. Pam Denton
Health & Wellness > Yoga
Recorded: Mar 11, 2013 at 09:45 am EST
Part of my "Sexy Mama" Jumpstart your Heart Curriculum-- "Beautiful Body for Women" will guide you to grow in pleasure and self love. It is a way to move in love and bliss. A combination of breath, meditation and self love exercises you will begin to embrace love within your feminine beauty. In each class we will work on clarifying your intent to love and purify your fears and negativity. And move with blissful flow of visualization with breath. The feminine grace is flowing and natural and in each one of these classes you will have the opportunity to turn on your feminine power! Join me and create an abundant female community of love and pleasure.
Got a sweet tooth!!!! Craving something sweet, chocolate, and delicious? Meee too!!!!! So, lets get together and make some Raw Brownies!!!! I love the taste of Carob, so lets marry it with some Pecans and create a fabulous dessert that is healthy for you and satisfies that craving for something sinfully delicious! There are many benefits to using Carob. Here are just a few: Carob lowers cholesterol level in the blood. It acts as an antioxidant. It can be used to treat diarrhea in children and adults. It contains an active substance that is effective against asthma. Carob is also used for asthma problems caused by allergies. It is a good expectorant. If the smokers use it for a few days, they will see how to expectorate. It doesn't contain caffeine. It works nicely for patients that have high blood pressure. It can help to prevent lung cancer, if used regularly. It contains vitamins E and is used for the treatment of cough, flu, anemia and osteoclasis. Carob tannins have Gallic acid. Gallic acid is analgesic, anti allergic and antibacterial. It is also antioxidant, antiviral and antiseptic. It is used for the treatment of polio in children, as the Gallic acid in carob tannins helps to prevent polio. It is rich in phosphor and calcium. For this reason, it is used in the fight against osteoporosis. So join me here and let's make a delicious raw dessert!!!'
Brendan Brazier
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Recorded: Jan 24, 2013 at 09:45 pm EST
Learn how to enhance your overall wellbeing through clean eating. Those who choose to eat cleanly benefit from sustainable energy, high quality sleep, physical strength and mental sharpness. Clean eating has a significant impact on wellbeing, so much so that I've made it the foundation of my recently-launched web series, called Thrive Forward: www.thriveforward.com. Topics will include: 1- Add vs. Subtract: How to make changes to your diet without shocking your system. 2- Listen to Your Body: How to recognize cleansing symptoms. 3- How to consume enough nutrients to support your activity level. 4- The truth about processed foods, and why you should avoid them. 5- How to gain energy through nourishment, not stimulation. 6- High-net gain foods: what are they and how you can benefit from them.
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